Friends of Morning Skye

I'm friends with several creative types who have a variety of projects going. Some I am a part of while others I cheer from the side lines. Click on the banners to explore their sites.

One of my claims to fame, I am one of the founding members of Fear the Boot. An irreverent podcast about tabletop role playing games and a little bit more.

My favorite (non published, sadly) role playing game, Skies of Glass, has a site with post apoc short fiction by Chris Hussey and Wayne Cole.

Fear the Boot also publishes an anthology series unrelated to RPGs. Quality fiction in a variety of formats.

A hub for the interesting things Chris Hussey is doing, from writing, to his own shows. Home of the audio comedy show, 'Gamers Behaving Badly' and more.

From award-winning RPG podcaster John Grana (and my dear friend) comes a new supplement for the Pathfinder RPG: a sprawling goblin warren and the tribe that inhabits it, fleshed out in full detail and turned into a campaign setting for goblin player characters.

C.A. Wills edited both L.U.C.I.D. and Silent Memories for me. He also wrote a book call Chronicles of Spire: Rebellion. Under the long, thin shadow of the Spire, humanity is finally reaching its well-earned golden age. Despite costly wars against the venomous Fae and their thralls, the human race refuses to be beaten down by these so-called 'nature spirits'.